17 - 07 - 2019

Monitoring of the energy performance in all relevant buildings and plants. Energy efficiency in the built environment is one of the most promising sectors for reducing the carbon footprint. Yet, in order to ensure that it attracts the investments that are needed to exploit its potential, it is required that measurements support its potential. This is one of the key messages that emerged from the IEPEC 2010 . On a project basis, the most accurate and best approach is bottom up. The results will deliver valuable insight into the performance of very low energy buildings and neighborhoods.

One of the added values of the combination of various approaches inside this project is the rapid learning experience. The work package includes a task for the comparison and evaluation of the various approaches and performance in terms like euros per tonne of CO2 reduction and CO2 reduction as compared with building to national regulations, construction cost in Euro per m2 gross, primary energy use per m2 gross and CO2 footprint per m2 gross.

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