17 - 07 - 2019

Local policy of the city of Amsterdam is that all new developments should be energy neutral by 2015. Until 2015 Amsterdam aimed for energy neutral development in 40% of the building projects. The Houthaven is one of the earliest pilot projects that already have the objective to build energy neutral and set the standard for cost effective energy neutral development in Amsterdam after 2015.

According to the Amsterdam definition a development is energy neutral when the building related energy emission is reduced to zero by energy saving, local production of renewable energy and/or effective use of sustainable energy sources. Wherein the amount of carbon emission to be reduced is equal to the carbon emission calculated for a building that has an EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient) that just complies with national regulation.

For Houthaven the breakdown to become energy neutral will be about:

  1. Energy saving (low energy buildings) 70%
  2. Local renewable energy (PV-cells) 22%
  3. Extra savings on electricity by behavior & ICT-solutions 8%

Pictures courtesy of  Amsterdam Houthaven.

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