17 - 07 - 2019

In Helsingborg there is a very ambitious climate action plan, where the city as a whole has already reduced its CO2 emission by about 88% compared with 1997 level and the share of fossil fuel is now less than 20%. The goal is to become totally CO2 neutral or even to export CO2 neutral energy to neighboring areas. On the building side the municipality owned housing company Helsingborgshem is the major player as the are responsible for more than 35% of the new buildings coming up in Helsingborg. In Helsingborg the original demonstration site was located at the Drottninghög area in the nothern part of Helsingborg. Because of several changes induced by the Municipal Authorities the planning of this site did not fit anymore in the NEXT-buildings project. It was therefore decided to move to another area,  Kvarteret Isbanan called, a little further south than the original site. The location is illustration in the figure below.


The new site is adjacent to the railroad ranging area, which as well as for the plans for the original site over time will be developed to a new sustainable eco-district. The Kvarteret Isbanan is attractive as it is located close to the city centre on a small hill and has a great view over the railway area, the harbour and the sea. The first phase consists of three new blocks which will fill out the area between the existing houses that today is used as a parking lot. The new blocks give a good opportunity for Helsingborgshem and the rest of the consortium to develop and test new solutions of NEXT-building project in order to build further nearly-zero-energy-houses in a sustainable and cost efficient way.


The project at Kvarteret Isbanan contains the same development and demonstration elements as originally planned for Kvarteret Grönkullan i.e. active energy producer of solar energy, user involvement with user interface and demand control, active in the development of adjacent area. The monitor planning tool will be used and systems for demand controlled ventilation and heat recovery from waste water will be developed and demonstrated on top of the improved building envelope.

The construction is completed and all apartments are inhabited.


Pictures courtesy of Helsingborgshem.


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