17 - 07 - 2019

The objective here is to develop new products, elements and technologies offering the possibility to build low energy dwellings in a more efficient way in term of energy consumption, costs and replication.
Four new products are investigated and developed here ranging from clever combination of existing technologies to development of new high tech technologies:

  • Demand controlled ventilation combined with user interface.
  • Concepts that use water as a resource.
  • Dual function insulation/photovoltaic building elements will be demonstrated, which ensure simultaneously optimal insulation and photovoltaic conversion properties, easy handling, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Development of an intelligent window for light steering of day light.

The last objective is more a financial product.

Large scale market deployment of net zero energy buildings is a challenge. Cost effective techniques need to be used and the buildings need to be acceptable to the public in terms of comfort, price, appearance etc. A smart financing system is crucial. It is envisaged to take into account the possibilities of taxes, leasing to avoid investment barriers, green loans, split incentive problems etc. Currently it's proposed to use the "erfpacht" system for financing the extra costs for zero energy buildings. This needs to be more designed and developed into a more marketing proved financial product so that it can be used in the project.

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